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Dr Deborah Jordan is an award-winning historian, a Petherick Reader at the National Library of Australia, an honorary Research Fellow in History at Monash University, and associated with the T J Ryan Foundation at Queensland University of Technology. Recognised internationally for her research on Nettie Palmer, she has recently published Loving Words: Love Letters of Nettie and Vance Palmer 1909-1914 (Brandl & Schlesinger 2018). She is currently researching women peace negotiators during World War 1.

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Volume 39, November 2018

Adela Pankhurst, Peace Negotiator: World War 1, Queensland

The responses of Australian women’s suffrage leaders in Australia to World War 1 is largely untold except through their biographies. This article revisits the anti-war advocacy of Adela Pankhurst, a member of the leading English suffragette family, when she toured Queensland as a Women’s Peace Army organiser, in 1915, and 1916. Adela Pankhurst’s life and work has had a mixed representation by her biographers and in accounts of her family. In this detailed study of her tours in Queensland, when her life story is viewed through both the lens of state histories and the international campaign against war as a means of solving conflict, her importance as a leading public intellectual emerges.

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