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Kyra Clarke, Rob Cover, Lauren O'Mahony, Debbie Rodan and Michele Willson

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This special issue of Outskirts has been edited by Kyra Clarke (Massey University), Rob Cover (University of Western Australia), Lauren O'Mahony (Murdoch University), Debbie Rodan (Edith Cowan University), and Michele Willson (Curtin University) as part of The West Australian Communication, Culture and Media group (WACCM).

WACCM was founded in December 2014 to improve networking and develop Western Australian research in media, culture and communication. With seed funding received from the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (CSAA) and the Australia and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA), WACCM has hosted five networking events, a symposium and two conferences. 

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Volume 38, May 2018

Introduction: Gender and the Everyday: Contemporary Communication Culture, and Media

Communication, culture and media are embedded in our everyday lives in ways we are often unaware of. Whether we wake up and reach for our phone or think carefully about how to phrase a difficult sentence in an email, these multiple forms of communication, culture and media are embedded in our everyday. At conception and the first ultrasound image, a gender designation is ascribed that affects our everyday lives in innumerable ways – from the toys we are given, to sports that we play, to conceptions of self and the life choices available to us. Our gender inflects our everyday experiences and engagements with our bodies and those around us, and this becomes more and more evident as we manoeuvre into public, private and digital spaces. This special issue shares a handful of the papers initially presented at the “Gender and the Everyday: Contemporary Communication, Culture and Media” conference hosted by The Western Australian Communication, Culture and Media group (WACCM) and held at Murdoch University in September 2017.

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